Chairman’s Update

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This year has gone by really quickly. We have accomplished a lot at NLLSA headquarters, but there is also so much left to do. This year we have focused on institutionalizing a lot of NLLSA communications by creating regional listservs, and consolidating them into a national listserv. We also have begun a fundraising drive that targets both firms and prominent Latino/a practitioners. To that end, our regional directors have also communicated with every major firm in the country to gauge their interest about getting involved in promoting Latino/a diversity in the private legal sector.

I’m really excited to meet those of you who will be coming to Chicago on September 25-27, 2009, for the conference! We just had our NLLSA Board meeting there, where DePaul University served as our gracious host. After reviewing the panel ideas, the facilities, and the people who will be involved, I’m positive this will be a fantastic gathering. The Board spent two exhausting days talking about NLLSA’s future as an organization, and how it can become more meaningful today. For the next six months we’ll be working nonstop to implement some of the projects we mapped out in Chicago, which will include a new NLLSA blog where we hope each of you will contribute your thoughts on some of the most pressing issues affecting our community.

Ultimately, NLLSA is still growing and constantly changing. If you have any questions about how you, your organization, or your school can get more involved with the national organization, or if you have any suggestions or requests that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me at

David A. Perez

Yale Law School, 2010


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