Blogger Denied Travel Out of Cuba

In NLLSA on October 14, 2009 by nllsachair

We’re constantly hearing about the failure of the U.S. ban on American travel to Cuba.  For instance, here, and here, and even here of all places.  But what is rarely discussed is the Cuban government’s travel ban on its own citizens who wish to travel not just to the United States but . . . anywhere.

Earlier this year we heard the story of Dr. Hilda Molina, a once-prominent neuro-surgeon on the island, who was forced to resign in 1994 after challenging the government’s research methods.  For 15 years she tried to visit her son, another Cuban-born doctor, who had resettled in Buenos Aires, along with Dr. Molina’s mother.  Finally in June 2009, after years of pressure from the Argentine government, the Castro government granted her what so many Cubans crave: an exit visa.

Cuba claims that it spends too much money training its doctors to just sit back and allow them to exercise their inalienable right to freedom of movement. (Article 13)  But it’s not just doctors that are denied exit visas.  Just yesterday Amnesty International released a report condemning the Cuban government for not allowing Yoani Sanchez to travel to New York City to receive an international journalism award.  Ms. Sanchez is no doctor — she’s a blogger.  And a popular one at that.  Her blog, Generation Y, which contains snippets about daily life in Cuba, receives about 1 million hits per month.

That’s only about 999,999 more than our blog. No big deal.

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