Florida Bar Foundation 2010 Legal Aid Summer Fellowship Program

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We are happy to announce that The Florida Bar Foundation’s 2010 Legal Aid Summer Fellowship applicationis now available on-line.  Please note that the application deadline date is January 21, 2010. Applications submitted after January 21, 2010 will not be considered.

As you know, the Florida Bar Foundation’s Legal Aid Summer Fellowship Program is a great opportunity for law students to work at a Florida legal aid program for eleven weeks during the summer to get hands-on experience while solidifying their commitment to practicing public interest law upon graduation.

Important Application Information:

We will only be accepting applications via the on-line application form located on the Foundation’s website (   Because we generally receive more than 400 student applications for the 40 available Summer Fellowship positions, we are not able to conduct interviews with students before selecting the top 40 student applicants.  When making selection determinations, we rely on the information provided by the students in their application and in their accompanying attachments such as resumes and writing samples.  We encourage students to have their application reviewed by Career Services staff or Career Development staff prior to submission.

Selection Criteria:

Among the several factors to be considered in the selection of successful applicants are:

Ø        The depth and breadth of the applicant’s commitment and experience in working with the low-income community;

Ø        The applicant’s passion, insight, and personal commitment to public service and pro bono work;

Ø        The applicant’s background and personal story, including their minority status, cultural diversity, and poverty experience;

Ø        The applicant’s future career goals and employment objectives;

Ø        The thoughtfulness, care, and clarity the applicant puts into completing the application; and

Ø        The applicant’s writing skills and academic achievements.

Where Can the Application be Found:

The on-line application and other materials can be found in several places on the Foundation’s website (, by looking in the News from the Foundation section and the Grant Programssection of the homepage (see attachments).

The on-line application can also be found on the Foundation’s website by following these steps:

1) click on the Grant Programs tab at the top of the homepage,

2) scroll down to Law Student Assistance,

3) click on the Law Student Assistance button, and then

4) click on the Legal Services Summer Fellowship Program button.

Applicants will need to review and print out the 2010 Program Placement List (found at the Legal Services Summer Fellowship Program webpage) before submitting their application.  Students may list up to 4 program placement preferences on their application.

Who To Contact:

Please let us know if we can provide additional information or brochures or respond to any questions during the student application period.  The contacts at the Florida Bar Foundation are Clara Bevington ( or Jennifer Wimberly (  We can be reached by phone at: 407-843-0045.

Thanks for your assistance.  We look forward to another successful fellowship program.

With kind regards,

Jennifer Wimberly


Jennifer Wimberly, Esq.

Program Associate

LAP/LSA Grant Programs

The Florida Bar Foundation

Leadership and Funding for Justice in Florida

250 S. Orange Avenue

Suite 600P

Orlando, FL 32801

Phone: 407.843.0045 (FL 800.541.2195)

Fax: 407.839.0287



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