Yale Law School to Host 2010 NLLSA Conference

In NLLSA on December 17, 2009 by nllsachair

We’re pleased to announce that the NLLSA Board has decided to hold its 2010 Conference at Yale Law School.  The Conference will be held September 30, 2010 through October 2, 2010. This will mark the first time that the Conference is in the Northeast.

As in years past, this weekend-long conference will bring together hundreds of law students, professors, practitioners, judges, and prominent leaders from all over the country.  The weekend will feature a variety of workshops, panel discussions, and speakers.

The theme of our Conference, “Ahora” (Now), will emphasize that the important work and accomplishments that our predecessors have realized may be lost if we do not confront the challenges that our communities continue to face.

The topics will include immigration reform, education, workers’ right, voting rights, and many more.  It’s not everyday that we can get together, as a community of talented lawyers and students, to discuss the issues that most affect the Hispanic community.

We hope to see you in New Haven!

David A. Perez
NLLSA Chair 2008-2010
Yale Law School 2010


One Response to “Yale Law School to Host 2010 NLLSA Conference”

  1. I just wanted to inquire concerning my son’s application to law school to Yale. He has been accepted to Michigan, Duke, and Texas. He is waiting for Yale’s answer. Is it safe to say that at this point he may not make Yale’s acceptance list?

    concerned dad- omar montemayor

    p.s. If you don’t feel this is the venue to answer this question I completely understand, thanks.

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