Website – “Stuff Educated Chicanos Like”

In NLLSA on January 26, 2010 by cgonzal4

A friend sent me a link to a website titled “Stuff Educated Chicanos Like”. You can find the link here:

Stuff Educated Chicanos Like

This website is meant as a tongue-in-cheek attempt at making fun of Chicanos/Latinos/Hispanics/Mexicas/Mexican Americans (see # 3 on website link). The website is a compiled list of witty (and yes, many times truthful) entries about behaviors that many of us, and our university-educated Latino friends do in an attempt to seem closer to the motherland.

One of my favorites on the list comes in at #4: “Conferences and Conventions”.  Educated Chicanos, referred to as “ECH’s” love to attend National Conferences.  “ECHs will go to meet other ECHs. Officially, it’s to ‘network.’ But really it’s about dressing up and going to the end of conference dance.” (For an example, see the NLLSA 2009 Conference picture below).  Just kidding, I hear the annual National Latino Law Student Conference is a great networking event.

#4 Conferences and Conventions

#16 is also good – “Making Tamales”.  Educated Latinos love to pretend to make tamales by inviting all their friends for a “Tamale making party” and then take pictures of themselves in their sorry attempt at making tamales.  There is a picture of three Latinas smiling at the camera, looking like they are having the best time at making tamales. The picture caption reads “ECH’s learning the oppressive art of tamale making”.

#16 Making Tamales

In an attempt to make this relevant to the legal profession (at least somewhat), I have compiled a special edition titled, “Stuff Latinos in Law School Like”

1. Making the lame pun “Tortas” for the word “Torts”

2. Celebrating anything with “tequila” shots
Celebrating the fact that you finished your memo with shots of “really good tequila” – when this tequila is really Patron or something similarly disgusting.

3. Explaining to fellow classmates what Critical Race Studies means

4. Latinas enjoy wearing heels on the day of their Final Exam
This is part of their strategy- the sound of their heels clicking on the floor serves as a  mechanism to distract others from their exam and sabotage the curve. They don’t care if their walk is unsteady – that all-nighter spent studying was rough.

5. Wanting to involve a piñata for a Latino law student event
The idea of equipping blindfolded law students with a stick is always shot down by the Dean of Students.


3 Responses to “Website – “Stuff Educated Chicanos Like””

  1. Excellent article, a great deal of valuable information.

    Jack Handy – “If you go flying back through time and you see somebody else flying forward into the future, it’s probably best to avoid eye contact. – Deep Thoughts (Saturday Night Live)”

  2. Estimables Señores y Señoritas Educados: Thanks for the tip on tequila quality. I never did like Patrón anyway, but I always wondered at my compadres and tocayos complaints about it, thinking they were high-hatting me, which I depise, proud as I am of my working-class drudge origins, and taste. But, clase obrero or not, I know where to go for the right skinny on anything: to los educados, where else?! Disfortunately you did not offer an alternative–so I simply switched to El Presidente brandy, which I disovered lubricates my literary abilities a toda madre. Now I know why great writers have often been borrachitos. I hope you like my use of the king’s Inglish–three scant years ago, across the border, I only understood a few palabras, some of them palabrotas. Now that I am in a quality drinking demografica, I must spend more time at Mission and Cesar Chavez Blvd. looking for employment as a leaf-blower, or asbestos remover. My bloga is xlowrider times pancho villa–my very good cartoons are in the “Scrapbooks” album. Saludos.

  3. “Stuff educated Chicanos like”?–First time I encounter a website dedicated to, maybe, six dozen people. But then, it’s your dime! However I would like to point out about the monniker “hispanic” that I don’t see the point in referencing myself in English. It’s like a Nunivik calling him/her self an “Esquimo” which satisfied European colonizers need to be the definers, as usual. Or maybe women referencing themselves as “chicks” kind of thing, same deal. The Hispanic Fanatic blogger Mr. Cubias, whom I just kicked out of my Linkedin account was an excellent example of a culturally confused individual. His whole self-definition is self-deprecating and even comedic. He presents like a fanatic, a wack-o and
    admits to being a lush. I see little there of self-respect and plenty of neurotic aggression against a beleaguered and historically punished raza, and I kicked his ass with every posting I made, until he started hiding my comments. I found the fool early on describing his anger at seing a Chicano wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “I am not a Mexican-American, Latino, or a Hispanic; I am a Chicano.” Cubias was actually trying to rile up readers against Chicanos, which is politically retarded–and I, who thought: what kind of a fuck-ass is THIS?–and I responded with proper regard for educating him or our readers. “Hispanic” is only a catch-all term for gringos who can’t tell a Peruvian from a Chihuahuan, and too lazy to learn. Hispanic seems to mean Hispano to some, but it doesn’t at all. This Central American could not take it. He has the tecnica of writing quite down, but he is soul-less. It appears that the political strategies which Chicanos utilize of necessity strike some Latinos as “radical.” Some of them never learn that our politica comes with the territory, which whether the “Man” likes it or not, is becoming our territory again, by that very politica. Anyhow, I am posting here on false pretenses, being an autodidact. Check out my website, which I had to claw back from Google’s intolerant glare, and virulent embrace. Saludos.

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