Striking out in Arizona

In Immigration, Latin America, Mexico, NLLSA, Politics on May 5, 2010 by nllsachair

Arizona’s new law is a highly politicized event, with rallies around the country protesting the legislation.  It looks like the law isn’t just having an effect on immigration, but also professional sports.

The 2011 MLB All Star game is scheduled to be played in Phoenix. But in the wake of Arizona’s passage of SB 1070, increasing there are calls to move the game out of the state.  And not just in the sporting community.  Officials in San Francisco have asked MLB to move the game, as well as U.S. Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY), who’s asked Bud Selig to select another city.  Protesters have surrounded baseball fields — at home and on the road — during Diamondbacks games since Jan Brewer signed the bill…

But the fans aren’t alone.  The MLB’s Player’s Union has issued a statement condemning the law.  Ozzie Guillen, the Chicago White Sox manager, has said that he won’t go to Phoenix if the game is played there.  “As a Latin American, it’s natural that I have to support our own.”

The National Basketball Association is getting into the mix as well.  Each year the Phoenix Suns wear a “Los Suns” jersey to commemorate Noche Latina in Phoenix.  But this year, the jersey will be less a marketing gimmick, and more of a political statement.  The Suns will wear the “Los Suns” jersey in Game 2 against the Spurs to send a message that their support lies with the Latino community in Arizona.

The Suns’ point guard, and two-time MPV Steve Nash expressed support for the move.  “I think it’s fantastic,” Nash said after Tuesday’s practice. “I think the law is very misguided. I think it’s, unfortunately, to the detriment of our society and our civil liberties. I think it’s very important for us to stand up for things we believe in. As a team and as an organization, we have a lot of love and support for all of our fans. The league is very multicultural. We have players from all over the world, and our Latino community here is very strong and important to us.”

Should be an interesting Cinco de Mayo in Arizona.


3 Responses to “Striking out in Arizona”

  1. I wish there was a “like” button has an online petition to tell Major League Baseball Commisioner Bud Selig to move the game unless Arizona changes the law.

    More on players taking a stance against SB 1070

  2. And an update: President Obama gives a shout out to “Los Suns” –

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