Comparing Egypt’s Present Uprising with Latin America’s Past

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The Arab League announced this week that the third Arab-Latin American summit, which was to be held in Lima, Peru from February 13-16, has been postponed indefinitely due to the unrest in Egypt. This summit, when held, will bring together the leaders of over twenty Arab nations and twelve countries that comprise Latin America to discuss trade and commercial relations.

Similarities between these two areas of the world may not easily come to mind, but in the past few days various articles and blog posts have compared the civil unrest in Egypt and to a lesser extent Tunisia to past uprisings in Latin America and opined about possible future uprisings. Several authors have explained why the present movements advocating for new governments in Africa are not likely to spread to South America. Others, however, have raised the possibility that countries such as Cuba, in certain circumstances, may be vulnerable to mass protest.

Click on the articles and posts below for more information about these comparisons:

The Wall Street Journal – Will Cuba Be the Next Egypt?

Nearshore Americas – Egypt Violence: Could it Happen in Latin America?

Council on Hemispheric Affairs – Possibility of the Wild Fire Crossing the Atlantic?

Global Voices – Latin America: Drawing Parallels with Egypt


Barbara Barreno is a third-year student at Vanderbilt University Law School and Chair of the National Latina/o Law Student Association.

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