Southern Education Leadership Paid Internships

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2012 Southern Education Leadership Initiative
Nonprofit Sector Internships
The Southern Education Foundation (SEF),, is the South’s oldest education philanthropy, tracing its origins back to 1867. Its mission is to advance equity and excellence in education for low income students and communities in the South, the region that is home to the nation’s poorest people. The South has the lowest levels of education attainment and achievement, the highest dropout rates, and provides the least need-based financial aid for higher education. It has the greatest need for new leaders to develop community partnerships and corrective public policies that will improve education equity, quality, and opportunity at all levels.
Recognizing the need for new outstanding leaders in education and the nonprofit sector, SEF initiated in 2004 the Southern Education Leadership Initiative. The Initiative provides highly motivated and diverse upperclassmen and graduate students opportunities to develop as leaders, engage in their communities, acquire practical job skills, and learn about contemporary education issues. Students spend the summer in trainings and working at a leading nonprofit sector organization. During this experiential learning opportunity, they examine strategies for improving education, addressing community needs, and putting theory into practice. Over the last eight summers, SEF has placed over 135 students in nearly 70 nonprofits and foundations throughout the region focused on providing advocacy, grant-making, policy analysis, research, community organizing, and direct service in education. Students are given summer placements that pair well with their experience, educational interests, career paths, and developmental needs. Students may be asked to relocate for the summer.
Interns are selected through a highly competitive process—only the most committed and hardworking students will be able to participate. Each intern is required to participate in a pre-placement Orientation meeting in Atlanta, work full-time during the course of his/her internship on challenging substantive projects, and present lessons learned from the internship to his/her peers and SEF at a Closing Meeting in Atlanta. The trainings offer the interns a chance for structured reflection and peer learning.
Interns receive:
· Experience: an opportunity to work for eight weeks in an organization concerned with equity and excellence in education e.g., a policy institution, community-based organization or philanthropic institution;
· Stipend: a living expense stipend of $4,000 (for undergraduates or graduating seniors), or $4,500 (for graduate students who will have completed at least one term by June 1, 2012);
· Travel: all airfare/car mileage expenses associated with traveling to and from SEF trainings to summer placement site (assistance also provided by SEF in making travel arrangements and locating summer housing if needed);
· Orientation: trainings that expose students to research in the field, stress the importance of civic engagement, teach strategies for making change, and provide opportunities to meet and learn from inspiring leaders involved in education policy and practice;
· Internship Placement: guidance and supervision provided by seasoned sector leaders to work through the summer intensively on challenging research, education policy, and nonprofit program related projects; and
· Closing Meeting: the opportunity to present their work to their peers, reflect, brainstorm how to take the lessons learned from this experience back to their communities, and become part of a network of emerging leaders in the sector.
For more information see: > Programs > Southern Education Leadership Initiative


One Response to “Southern Education Leadership Paid Internships”

  1. I am a Nepalese citizen doing my PhD research on Educational Leadership from Kathmandu University School of Education. I have been researching on ‘ Lived Experience of Being Teacher Leader(s) taking phenomenology as the methodology. I would like to expand the horizon of my understanding by interacting with the people of diverse areas so as to enrich my research report. In this connection, I would remain grateful if I could get an opportunity to find an intern there in Southern Education Leadership program.
    Narayan P. Kafle

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