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PRBA Scholarship Application 2012-2013

The Puerto Rican Bar Association is pleased to announce the 2012-2013 Puerto Rican Bar Association (PRBA) Scholarship Program for Latino law students. The PRBA, founded in New York in 1957 is one of the oldest Latino bar associations in the United States. Today, the PRBA continues its tradition of breaking down barriers to the legal profession with active members throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rican Bar Association (PRBA) Scholarship Award ($2,000-may vary): All Latino students attending law school in New York are eligible to apply. PRBA selects recipients based on financial need and academic promise. Scholarship recipients will be contacted directly by the PRBA.

  • All applicants must be a first or second year student* (1L, 2L) in a JD degree program at an American Bar Association (ABA) approved law school. Students working towards their LL.M. are NOT eligible for this award.
  • If you are an entering law student (entering the Fall of 2012) you MUST be accepted into law school and have confirmed your attendance to be eligible to receive this award. It is at the scholarship committee’s discretion that your application will be considered.
  • Postmark Deadline to file: April 13, 2012
    All scholarship candidates must submit a complete and accurate application along with the required supplemental materials postmarked by April13th, 2012 to be considered.
* Third year evening students are also eligible to apply. Scholarship recipients will be notified by May 2012.

Application Requirements
1. Scholarship Application. The application MUST be signed with all relevant sections completed. Please print or type.
2. Official Transcript. Please submit a copy of your latest official transcript. If you are a first year law student, send your undergraduate official transcript. You may also submit your first semester’s grades if they are released before our application deadline.
3. Resume (two pages max please).
4. Financial Aid Notice/Letter. Financial aid notice from your school indicating the amount awarded for the academic year OR a letter from your school that states you are not eligible to receive aid.
5. 1040 Tax Form. Include a copy of your most recent tax form filed, and if applicable, your spouse’s form (if filed separately). If for any reason you did not receive a W-2 form or file income tax papers, you must provide an explanation.
6. Personal Statement. A personal statement discussing your career goals, school and community activities, and any activities demonstrating your commitment to serve the Latino community (no longer than two pages max). Updating the personal essay you submitted with your law school applications is acceptable.
7. Recommendation Letters. Up to two letters of recommendation are optional. Letters should specifically comment on your academics, professional skills and/or public interest/community work. All letters should be addressed to the Puerto Rican Bar Association Scholarship Fund, 303 Park Avenue South, #1405, New York, NY 10010

General Instructions
Read the application carefully, follow the instructions and complete ALL required sections. An incomplete application will NOT be considered.
1. Print/type carefully so that your form will be easy to read.
2. Round off figures to the nearest dollar.
3. If the question does not apply to you, do not leave it blank. Put “N/A” in the answer space.
4. Explain all items marked with an asterisk (*) or special circumstances that may effect your financial situation.
5. Make sure to SIGN the form. Applications without a signature will be declined.

Special Instructions
1. Please make sure that you provide an address and telephone number where you can be contacted both during the academic year and summer.
2. If you are living with a non-marital spouse (significant other), please provide all the requested information under the sections entitled “spouse.”
3. In section VII, give totals for the twelve- (12) month period (August through July).
4. Write in the total amount of scholarships and/or grants awarded to you. Also indicate the total amount of loans you will receive.
5. In section VIII, itemize the type of scholarship, loan and special award you will receive.

Other Expenses
1. If rent and utilities are shared, please indicate the amount you contribute towards payment.
2. Transportation expenses while in school (during nine-month academic year) should reflect transportation expenses to and from law school only.
3. Use an additional sheet of paper if necessary to explain or describe any additional or extraordinary circumstances.

Please print or type. Read the instructions carefully before completing the application.


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